Covid Safety Rules

We thought it’d be useful for you to have an idea what to expect if you’re visiting Lansdown Hall and Gallery for any reason at the moment. We’re going to pin this post, and update it as necessary.

We are confident that we are a COVID secure venue, and we have precautions in place to keep you (and our staff) safe. We are keeping updated on current guidelines, so the below may change.



Classes are running at the hall again. Classes will have restricted numbers to allow the teacher and the attendees to remain physically distant. A one way system will be in place: please enter for your class using the office door, and exit using the main doors (this will be signposted). Hand sanitiser will be available at all entrances, and doors will be wedged open so that you don’t have to touch them. Please do check in with your teacher before attending, and if you need to enter through the door that opens in Bank Gardens (wheelchair access) please let your teacher know so they can let you in.



We are hosting exhibitions at our Gallery. So that physical distance is possible, only six people are permitted in the Gallery at any one time. Please wear a face mask or covering, and use the hand sanitiser provided. There will be arrows through the Gallery indicating a one way system – please follow them.

We hope to see you soon!