• Sun 26th May 7:30 pm, Disobedience, 2017

    New York photographer Ronit Krushka flies to London after learning about the death of her estranged father. Ronit is returning to the same Orthodox Jewish community that shunned her decades earlier for her childhood attraction to Esti, a female friend. Their fortuitous and happy reunion soon reignites their burning passion as the two women explore boundaries of faith and sexuality.

  • Mon 27th May 2:00 pm, Journey into Story

    A three day project for 8-11 year olds in May half term.An opportunity to explore a story in depth using drama games, masks and improvisation.

  • Fri 31st May N/A, Grounding Visions with Shapeshift Dance

    A space to give thanks for what is & to call forth dreams both personal & collective.Weaving dance, drumming, somatic movement & ritual, we will explore what it means to bring our visions to earth.

  • Fri 7th June 7:30 pm, Untitled Event

    District Audio & Events presents SGS Music Tech. Showcase.  The Music Tech Department has been an integral part of the Stroud music scene for many years helping successive alumni into the work place and further education.  As an extension to the extremely successful fortnightly open mic events run at the Curio Lounge the students will be showcasing their talents at The Lansdown Hall on. 

  • Sun 9th June 11:00 am, Finding Freedom

    Led by experienced movement and bodywork practitioners Petra Söör and Fiona Millward this day will offer simple and effective ways to release physical tension, find more ease within your day to day movements and nourish your nervous system.  We invite you to turn inwards, sense into your relationship to gravity and breath, recognise the innate resources you have to draw upon, and let go of patterns of tension that may no longer be serving you.

  • Sun 9th June 7:30 pm, Sweet Country, 2018

    An Aboriginal man from Australia's Northern Territory goes on the run after he kills a white man in self-defence.

  • Fri 21st June 7:15 pm, Earth Beats Grounding & Releasing Dance

    Earth Beats is a dance space where we are free to can be ourselves regardless of how we are feeling. It is one of the few places that allows us to express our natural response to the challenging times we are living in instead of suppressing it as we normally do. It's not a place for wearing the "I'm fine" mask, it's a place to be real, genuine, authentic and heartfelt.

  • Sun 23rd June 7:30 pm, An Impossible Love, 2018

    A chronicle of the unconditional love between a mother and her daughter, from 1958 to the present day, which is endangered by an unsteady and manipulative father.

  • Thu 27th June 11:30 am, Amerta Movement in Performance

    Two days of public performances and workshops with Prapto, international Amerta practitioners and workshop participants.Amerta is a non-stylized movement practice developed by Javanese movement artist Suprapto Suryodarmo (Prapto). It draws on the basic movements of daily life (walking, sitting, standing etc.), as well as meditation, spiritual and performance approaches.  Environment, site and participants cultural background also inform the practice.