Change in Psychotherapy Conference

change conference


Saturday November 30th 2019

10.00 a.m. & 5.00 p.m




“In a fraction of time, in a moment, something momentous can occur”.

For change “what ‘really’ happened has to be met by something

that is ‘really’ happening and is ‘really’ different”.

(Slavin and Rahmani, 2018 p. 60)


A Café Style Conference on the theme of change is being held on November 30th 2019 at the Lansdown Hall, Lansdown, Stroud, GL5 1BB between 10.00 a.m. & 5.00 p.m.  (Registration & coffee from 9.30).  Early Bird fee £60. From October 14th  £70.

A vast amount has been written about therapeutic change by psychotherapists from different theoretical backgrounds, and from time to time every therapist probably grapples with the question “What do I do that makes a difference?”  In this conference we shall be exploring what it is we do that leads to or is necessary for change.  How can we position ourselves to be more effective agents of change?  And what it is that we are seeking to change?  There will be presentations from five experienced speakers who all bring a variety of creative approaches to their work and whose talks will move between consideration about micro-moments with individual clients and bigger questions about how to promote change in the face of current world problems.  The day will be punctuated with round table group discussions in which everyone is invited to participate.

Philippa Smethurst will be asking how we can work towards truth in psychotherapy in the context of a world in which we are currently mistrustful about the truth in what we are told.  At an individual level she will describe how she integrates exploring what truths can be revealed when we listen to the body as well as the known beliefs of our minds.  Jim Pye’s interest is in “Moments of Meeting”, the sudden, unexpected moments in therapy that often prompt change.  Another presentation by Tree Staunton will explore how we can hold the body in mind in times of transition.  Staunton has a special interest in the links between psychotherapy and current global crises.  Sue Wright will discuss the place of time in the change process and share her fascination with and curiosity about the amazing changes which can emerge when someone enters a process involving the imagination and creative or embodied processes.  The final presentation from Steffi Bednarek is entitled The end of innocence: Reflections on the complex relationship between climate change, mental health and the profession of psychotherapy. Who needs to change? “.  She will challenge us to think about the intersection between the climate emergency and public mental health and to consider what how we can use our skills in the wider community. The day will end with a plenary discussion.

Although the speakers are all psychotherapists and many of those attending will be counsellors or psychotherapists, the conference would interest other people in the helping professions or whose work brings them face to face with the question – “what can I do that promotes change in my community and the world?”  It should be an inspiring day and the themes will hopefully develop and grow as the talks are discussed around the tables and in the larger group.  Do come and join us to engage in the debate, share with others, and take away some new insights and ideas.


For further details please contact Sue Wright

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