The Alchemy of Grief

alchemy of grief

With Shannah Rivers and Dawn Morgan


Alchemy of Grief, Introductory Talk 7th October 7-9pm  – book

The Alchemy of Grief Retreat 2nd November 4pm -November 4th 5.30pm. – book

The Alchemy of Grief, Follow up/Integration 9th December 10am-4pm. Time to come together, move, share and digest the experience of the grief ritual. – book


A community grief ritual; a unique opportunity to clear past loss and transform grief, revealing the gold of our lives, opening us to life’s joy and possibility.

Grief impacts our lives in so many ways. It weaves its way into our psyche, depleting us, zapping our life force and can manifest as illness, stress, mental health issues, addictions and, of course, living with deep sadness for the loss of something that was deeply loved and treasured.

This weekend is for anyone that has experienced any type of grief; such as bereavement, the loss of a dream, loss of job, loss of a relationship, baby that never came, family grief, ageing, physical pain, loneliness, environmental grief, existential grief, world grief, separation from loved ones; grief from, abuse, being bullied and so, so much more…..

It’s a great chance to off load some of the well of grief that we hold deeply in our hearts, minds and bodies. By gathering together as a community we have the rare opportunity to release all that no longer serves us, to make space for more life force and irrepressible joy. Releasing grief in a safe container opens doors to a more vibrant life and a brighter, lighter future.