This Evil Thing

A Play Written and Performed by Michael Mears 

Fri 13th October 2017 @ 7.30pm


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THIS EVIL THING written and performed by Michael Mears on at Venue 7 the Freemasons Hall on George Street may well be the best £11 quid you could spend in Edinburgh. It is a searing, heartfelt investigation into how conscientious objectors were treated by the authorities during the First World War. Using a mixture of historical documentation and some testimonies from the time Mears plays a host of characters with the passion and truth that would put many a more lauded actor to shame. For this 75 minutes he is simply a force of nature. Playing all the characters ranging from Bertrand Russell and Henry Asquith PM, to the soldiers and many of the Objectors, Mears’ performance would bring a tear to a glass eye. Powerful, compelling and with a minimum of setting and fuss this one man play is simply staggering. 5 stars!

Carol Ann

This was a very moving and powerful show. I was drawn in from the very beginning.            A must see.

Audience Member

From the ground up, just awesome. Writing has great focus on the characters, who are all convincingly inhabited. Definitely worth the ticket price – you get more than your money’s worth.

Eileen Mahony

A remarkable piece of writing and a stunning performance which reduced me to tears. However much you know about WWI (and I know more than most) this will surprise and capture you from beginning to end. An important show with added information regarding the Peace Pledge Union. There is nothing more important to do at midday than to spend an hour and a quarter with this man.

Robert Ireland

Stunning one-man theatre. Michael Mears has crafted a riveting show. He switches between characters seamlessly and using minimal props creates a believable World War One stage inhabited by conscientious objectors and their tormentors.
Of all the shows we’ve seen this year, This Evil Thing takes the prize as the one we recommend unreservedly when we’re having those in-queue discussions.

Randall David Cook

Superb storytelling in every way. Michael Mears has crafted an extraordinary work and done true justice to the heroes he’s depicting here. This is the show to see.