• Tue 18th September Sat 22nd September, The Alchemical Wedding -

    An exhibition of collaborative work by local artists

  • Mon 24th September Sun 30th September, Light Reflections, Glimpses Beyond The Veils - Frances Marsh -

    This week long exhibition at Lansdown Gallery is a wonderful opportunity to view this unique collection of vibrant watercolour paintings by Frances Marsh. They are individual radiant gems of colour, light and space. These extraordinary paintings were last exhibited within the stunning cloisters of Gloucester Cathedral and Dean’s Chapel at Worcester Cathedral.

  • Tue 2nd October Sat 13th October, Aumakua Inspired Art - Millie Wood Swanepoel -

    A personal experience from deep within the subconscious, shared with you, as objects come to life, teased into shape to express an idea or story using a variety of materials.

  • Tue 16th October Sat 20th October, A Gift of an Exhibition - Mervyn Dawe -

    I like to describe the majority of my work as geometric abstraction. I am a multi-media artist who likes to experiment with chance, e.g. use of dice, etc.