• Tue 15th October Sun 20th October, Birth of Dub - Cheroona Sievey -

    Dubumentary exploration into the power of positive affirmations, vibrations, manifestation and conscious elevation with emphasis rooted in sound-system culture. Collective works by UK based artists.

  • Mon 21st October Sat 26th October, Viewpoints: A year of looking -

    Stan Giles works within the landscape, producing work from direct observation and engagement with specific sites. He is concerned with the representation of the rural idyll in contemporary practice, the traditional contexts of landscape painting and how the impact of human activity affects and changes locations.

  • Tue 29th October Mon 4th November, Pani, Pahar – Waters of the Himalayas -

    This informative photography exhibition by local environmental photographer, Toby Smith, explores the dynamic landscapes and escalating water crises of the Indian and Nepali Himalayas.  It combines contemporary documentary work with archival prints alongside academic research from The Cambridge University Department of Geography, Indian and Nepali researchers. The exhibition is part of the 2019 ESRC Festival of Science.