• Mon 19th August Sun 25th August, Stitches in Time - Dominic Orr Collection -

    A curated selling exhibition of tribal rugs, carpets and textiles.

  • Tue 3rd September Sat 7th September, Stroudwater Textile Trust - Wool and Water -

    Stroudwater Textile Trust presents its celebratory exhibition with an eclectic mix of arts and crafts,  showing the work that members produce from a range of disciplines.  Artists taking part will be stewarding the exhibition and will be able to answer questions about techniques used in their work.

  • Tue 10th September Sun 15th September, Stroudwater Textile Trust - Beneath The Sky -

    The magnificent paintings of Deborah Cox accompanied by drawings and prints by Tonia Maddison, with photos and felt from David Elford. The work in this exhibition responds to landscape and waterways in some way and is inspired by the wonderful Stroud Valleys and surrounding areas.

  • Tue 17th September Sat 21st September, A Show for the Ghosts - Barbara Leidl -

    I dreamt I was taken above the earth and allowed to see it by a kind of tight rope (more like a thread) encircling the earth that would raise me up and allow me to move over it, and that as I looked down, I saw that the earth had a beautiful film around it and this orb was the eye of god and that we were like dust motes on that eye, but that we were also what allowed the eye to SEE ...