• October 17th October 21st, LAND, SEA & SKY -

    An exhibition of contemporary art, inspired by landscape, by Sheila Munnoch, Sylvia Wadsley and Yvonne Wood

  • October 31st November 5th, Hopeless Maine -

    An exhibition of arts and crafts from an imaginary island

  • November 7th November 11th, Motherhood & Metamorphosis -

    an exhibition and workshop exploring the physical, emotional and psychological changes woman undergo from being an autonomous woman to becoming a mother.

  • November 14th November 19th, Holding the Balance -

    Johannes Steuck presents Holding the Balance; an exhibition of stained-glass and sculptures.

  • December 4th December 8th, The Dragons -

    An exhibition presented by Oliver Ashworth-Martin on symbolic Dragon mythology.