Kundalini Clubbing – Calling In The Winter Wild 

kundalini clubbing


with Kirsty & Mark

7th December 2019

From 7.30 – 11.30pm (doors open at 7pm)



As the Winter Solstice Yuletide festival approaches, and the nights draw in, we too are drawn in to go inside to rekindle that inner fire.

Through reflection at this time of year, we remember that we were once Wild and Free on this sacred land. Long ago before the Romans, we were an ancient Celtic land of Druids with Magic and Mystery at the heart of our world view, and all of our actions.

Cacao Ceremony – As the ancestors of this land once did gather with intention, so do we tonight, using the cacao medicine to connect with the plant spirit, to offer us guidance on our journey to reconnect with our wild and free spirit.

Kundalini Yoga – With Kirsty’s guidance we stir up the primal wisdom and draw from the deep pool within us. These kriyas (sets) are specifically designed to wake you up, and they really work! A lovely relaxation and deep meditation will follow to open you up to the sublime realm, ready to dance and journey.

Kundalini Dance – Let us dance with Mark to activate our cellular memory and dispel our collective amnesia. May we remember what should never have been forgotten..that we are powerful sacred beings, living in a a magical world that is responsive to our intention and the intensity of our life force, which flows through the universe. As always we use the Chakras as our map to navigate these inner worlds, and re-activate the DNA that has been switched off to reclaim our sovereignty.

(Super) Conscious Clubbing – Now we are ready once more to dance wild and free on the dance floor with resident DJ Tigger. No rules, no guidance, just pure, unbridled dance as one tribe.

Gong Resonance – Time to let go completely, and lie down to integrate the evening and perhaps receive further downloads as we wash away the veil of illusions that has prevailed over human consciousness for aeons.

Bliss Cafe offering delightful snacks and drinks, opens after the Yoga.

£20 tickets available here https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/kirsty-lewis/t-rdpgeo