Viewpoints: A year of looking



Monday 21st – Saturday 26th October

10:00am – 5:00pm

Stan Giles works within the landscape, producing work from direct observation and engagement with specific sites. He is concerned with the representation of the rural idyll in contemporary practice, the traditional contexts of landscape painting and how the impact of human activity affects and changes locations.

The starting point for these works is a question: what is contemporary landscape painting?

Artists are now making work in the landscape, some of these have a huge environmental impact, others deteriorate with time but all change a viewpoint.

In making these pieces, the landscape is viewed and recorded at different times, seasons and viewpoints, sometimes all in one piece. All work is mixed media.

Some of the work has been exhibited in a local wood and in a collaboration with musicians at the Royal Birmingham Music Conservatoire.

Walks on the Cotswold Way and the South West Coast Path inspire much of the work.