WABI SABI; Nothing Lasts, Nothing is Finished and Nothing is Perfect

Millie Wood Swanepoel BA(Hons) 1st MA(RCA) Presents her exhibition:

“This is my personal experience of the feel of clay as it comes to life, pressed and teased into shape. A magical moment of abstract creations and expressions of ideas/images inspired, fired and expressed in clay, fused glass, metal, wire and a combination of found objects.”

“WABI SABI is being authentic and mindful of your actions; its a quality often found in objects and nature.
youre welcome to come to the exhibition, enjoy the journey, explore and leave footsteps on the path of being in the moment. WABI SABI is a secret you already know.”


Website: www.milliewoodswanepoelart.com

Opening Times:

Tuesday 18th – Saturday 30th September
10am – 5pm
Sunday 23rd September
11am – 4pm

For More Information, Please Contact:
Millie Wood Swanepoel
Tel: 07754 182082
eMail: m.wood.swanepoel@gmail.com