Nae Pasaran – UK/Chile 2018


Sunday 22nd November

Doors 7.00pm, Film 7.30pm

Meet Bob, Robert, Stuart and John, who held the longest single act of solidarity for Chile in protest against Pinochet’s brutal dictatorship and have never found out what their impact had been. Until now.

In 1974, Bob Fulton, an engine inspector at Rolls Royce East Kilbride rallied his colleagues to boycott jet engines of the Chilean Air Force. He’d seen their use during Pinochet’s military coup in Chile on the 11 September 1973. Bob refused to work on the engine, alerted his colleagues and by the end of the day, all Chilean engines were stuck on the assembly lines. They hold on for four years, until one night the engines mysteriously vanished.

Nae Pasaran is the painstakingly-documented account of the workers’ stand and the impact we discovered 40 years later.



Tickets £6 (£5)

Annual membership £2