Stroud Film Festival – Film Stroud

film stroud


Friday 20th March

7.30pm – 10.30pm

Films about Stroud, films made in Stroud and films by people from Stroud. Hosted by BBC Gloucestershire’s Faye Hatcher, with films by over a dozen local film-makers.

Stroud filmmaker Nick Philips directed 30-minute drama Scrambled: ‘MI5 street operative Jake Donnelly picks up a strange diagram during a surveillance job and everything gets Scrambled.’ Also on the programme are films made through the film festival’s production project, a new film made by Flies on the Wall youth theatre and short films submitted by local filmmakers. What can the people of Stroud do to reduce carbon emissions? Another short film explores this with a dozen local people. As well as all this, we’ll be showing films selected from the range of entries to the 60 Second Challenge!

Admission free