The Garden

Exhibition of Oil Paintings by Georgina Bouzyk

Open daily 10am to 4.30pm until 3rd December.  Also open on Goodwill Eve this Friday 7pm to 9pm.

‘A solo exhibition of recent oil paintings and drawings responding to the beauty and variety of nature observed from my garden. Throughout the seasons I have watched the colours of the leaves change, the roses transform from bud to bloom and the shifting light spark an array of colours. This delicate view of the countryside paints nature with an exploratory and intuitive view’

Georgina’s  paintings express the beauty and variety of nature within landscape and the countryside. Having recently graduated from Aberystwyth school of art, her current studio is located in Stroud, Gloucestershire. If you are interested in Georgina’s work or commissioning a piece from her, please use the contact details below to arrange an appointment.



Instagram: @georginabouzyk