And So, Now That You’re Dead…


Friday 2nd October – 5.30pm

Saturday 3rd October  – 7.00pm

Sunday 4th October – 5.00pm

Foulisfair Theatre

Welcome through the doorway.  We hope you had a good life.  If not… (oops – It’s a little too late!)  Never mind, maybe it’s still worth considering what death means to you, and to explore the possibility of becoming ‘death-positive’? The Appreciation of Mortality Society has put together a star-studded cast for this informative event: Grim will be there to welcome you, and Catrina La Calavera from Mexico – where they really know how to celebrate the dead!

Also, the famous Greek Goddess Demeter will be dropping by, though we can’t promise she’ll be in a celebratory mood.  And woven between these great immortal voices, you may just hear a quieter tale of personal loss – one that nevertheless unites us in our imperfect mortal state – having as much to do with love as facing the final goodbye.