Volunteering at Lansdown Hall


Could you become a trustee for Lansdown Hall and Gallery? As a charity, we need trustees to hold responsibility and to make decisions about the running of the hall and gallery. This is part time volunteer work, but with significant legal responsibility. The broad details of the role of a trustee can be found on the Charity Commission website – https://www.gov.uk/topic/running-charity/trustee-role-board

If you think this is a role you could take on, please contact us. We are particularly looking for people who can handle financial matters, and for a Chair of the Board of Trustees.


Volunteering Opportunities

As a small charity we depend on volunteers who want to work behind the scenes to help run the venue. We particularly need help with maintaining the building, promoting and advertising the venue and with fundraising activities for the charity.

Most events create wear and tear on the building, and a lot of ongoing work is needed to keep the place looking good. As Lansdown Hall and Gallery is a Grade 2 Listed Victorian building, maintaining it for the long term is an important part of what we do. Help is often needed with painting & decorating, carpentry and general repairs, even some extra cleaning at times keeps the place looking and feeling loved.

Promoting the venue can involve working on design projects, publicity materials, making displays around the building or distributing flyers and leaflets around the area.

Volunteers for specific events and festivals normally work directly with the organisers of those events. If you want to volunteer for one of the many festivals that uses Lansdown Hall and Gallery, it is best to approach them directly.

If you’ve got skills, time and the enthusiasm that you think could be well deployed at Lansdown, do get in touch.