Amerta Movement in Performance

amertaFull workshop:

22nd to 28th June (not open to public)

Public event:

Thursday 27th June – 11.30am to 7pm

Friday 28th June – 11.30am to 11pm


Two days of public performances and workshops with Prapto, international Amerta practitioners and workshop participants.

Amerta is a non-stylized movement practice developed by Javanese movement artist Suprapto Suryodarmo (Prapto). It draws on the basic movements of daily life (walking, sitting, standing etc.), as well as meditation, spiritual and performance approaches.  Environment, site and participants cultural background also inform the practice.


Thursday all day: £15

Friday: Prapto open workshop only: £10

            Afternoon only: £6

           Evening only: £10

Friday all events together: £18

Complete Thursday and Friday: £25


Tickets available on the door. Or booked in advance with Sally

Sally Dean: 07903 601571

Julian Carlyon: 07969 592626


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