Earth Beats Grounding & Releasing Dance

Earth Beats


Friday 15th February

Friday 1st March

Friday 26th April

Friday 10th May

Friday 21st June

7.15pm – 9.15pm

Earth Beats is a dance space where we are free to can be ourselves regardless of how we are feeling. It is one of the few places that allows us to express our natural response to the challenging times we are living in instead of suppressing it as we normally do. It’s not a place for wearing the “I’m fine” mask, it’s a place to be real, genuine, authentic and heartfelt. Earth Beats teaches us resources for living in a mad world, for example remembering to breathe, grounding, centring, moving rather than freezing, and being mindful. With practice Earth Beats can help us feel more joyful, access our personal power and reach our the full potential and our magnificence.

Pay on the door £12 or £10 for concessions.
Pay for 5 classes and get one session free.
£60 or £50 for concessions in advance for 5 sessions and get the 6th free.
(The 5 sessions can be taken anytime in 2019).


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