The Cost of Living

cost of living


Saturday 26th November


Film and discussion.

Feeling neglected and left behind by the government, and facing enormous energy bills, more and more people are relying on their community to help put food on their table and provide a warm refuge.

The 2021 Census finds three areas of Stroud as ‘Disadvantaged’ the number of people and families using Stroud food banks is growing.

Our film ‘Cost of Living’ follows another community in the Rother Valley as they try to support each other during this historic crisis.

Energy companies are set to make £170 billion in excess profits over the next two years. Unless the government steps in, we will suffer every winter, while oil and gas bosses continue to get richer.

Both the cost of living and climate crises can be solved by investing in renewable energy, properly insulating homes and providing people with the skills and training needed to deliver this green energy revolution

The evening will commence with the showing of the short film ‘The Cost of Living’ made by Greenpeace and the New Economics Foundation. This will be followed by a brief summation of the current situation by Greenpeace speaker Pip Burch and a panel discussion including prominent local political and activist figures.