The Carbon Prints – Jack Everett

Carbon prints art exhibition


Tuesday 12th  – Monday 18th October

35 years of living under trees has made me realise how little I know of their lives.
When I ceased referring to a tree as ‘it’ and instead used ‘her’, a whole dynamic shifted:
I very soon became far less detached, much more related. That’s pronouns for you.

These papers tell of a search between the over- familiar and the surprising.
Where I become the hands of the woods; I tabulate what I’m shown.
Recording events; like a kindred tree stenographer.

By using one language; solid geometry, can I translate “a cube” into a language through printing its texture?

What do trees; so essential to ourselves, have to say?

If we can’t hear what is being said, perhaps we can better see.
I keep looking and recording; these prints are ‘insights revealed’.
It’s all a journey between dimensions into a wood wide web.