Galaxies, Breath and Bone



With Dawn Morgan with Mari Winkleman

Dance | Move | Rest | Write | Rite

Bring awareness to the bigger picture, the detail & the presence of life.
Gather in the gentle warmth of a community of movers at this transformative time.

Dance – free and stylized movement explored to music through the practice of the 5 Rhythms to free the dancer within. Here we find rhythm and repetition, we express and release through and into the embodied self, finding renewal, inspiration and the stillness within.

Move – beneath and beyond our movement patterns and habits, is the bodies biology pulsing with life and awareness, moving with this deep body sense we can rest and move with our mysterious and unknowable growing edge.

Rest – recuperative rest settles the nervous system and makes space for deep healing in all body systems. Resting in movement, in stillness and in company allow a quality of relaxation that invites deep ease. Taking a pause is a practice for life, space to integrate and digest our busy life.

Write – with diary and pen we let the hand dance across the page in search of the track-ways of the souls dreaming, the hearts unraveling and the minds musing, we are offered a knowing and a mirror of ourselves.

Rite – a simple space for mystery to unfold, a point where we acknowledge or call for change, where we invite in a quality of the sacred, acknowledging the spiritual rather than the religious and catch a reflection, a timeless moment, of the souls journey.

  • Thursday 27th December – 7.30pm-930pm
  • Friday 28th December – 10am-5pm (food 6pm-7pm) & 8pm-10pm
  • Saturday 29th December – 10am-5pm (food 6pm-7pm) & 8pm-10pm
  • Sunday 30th December – 10am-4pm

Non Residential.

£270 (Early bird by 3rd Dec £230) – includes food.

For more info and to book go to the Shapeshift Dance website



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