Typical hire charges (for guidance only).

Live Music Event£475 – £900
Private Party£250 – £500
Film Screening£160 – £240
Theatre Performance£260 – £625

All events are different so please contact us to get a quotation.

Basic room hire

Friday or Saturday evening event (5pm – Midnight)£238
Extra hours, for setup or rehearsal (No duty manager)£20 each
Extra hours after midnight (Includes duty manager)£36 each
Hall hire for rehearsal of events taking place at Lansdown Hall (charged by the hour)£20
Day time events Saturday£32 per hour
Daytime or evening events Sunday£32 per hour

This includes our duty manager,  post event cleaning and use of any furniture.  It does not include sound, lighting, staffing, security, bar or PRS charges.

Stage Equipment hire

Basic P.A. system.    Play CDs or plug in your own equipment.£60
P.A. with digital mixing desk£132*
Vocal or Instrument Mics (Sure SM57 or 58)£6
Wireless speech mic (AKG  WMS 40)£8
Drum Mic Kit1x Sennheiser E602 kick drum mic 3x Sennheiser E604 tom mics 2x AKG 1000s overheads£39
D.I. Box£4
Projector with blu-ray player, can also be connected to a laptop.£39
Mirror ball & LED window and stage lights£25
Full lighting system, includes programmable lighting desk, dimmers and a selection of stage lanterns.*£96
Haze/Smoke machine£25
Technicians£15-£18 p/h

*These items need to be setup and operated by our technicians.  They are not included in the stated price.


For certain events professionally trained security may be required.  This will be discussed at the point of booking.

2 SIA door supervisors£36 p/h



Public event takings under £350£50
Public event takings over £350No Charge

Charges are based on the bar being open for 5 hours. If you are planning a private event we can offer a range of services to suit you.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Our bar is fully stocked with a selection of beers, ciders, wines, spirits and soft drinks including locally produced products.

PRS/PPL (Performing Rights Society) / Tickets

Live / Recorded music event PRS£35
Film Screening/Theatre Intro PRS£8
Classes to Music PRS/PPL £2
Set up Ticket sales on Try Booking£15

Call Out Charges

Collection Of Keys Outside Office Hours£20

Main Hall Regular Weekday Classes

ParticipantsHourly Cost
Up to 20£18
21 to 30£21
31 to 40£25
PRS/PPL£2 per class



Main Hall One off Talks or Presentations

Full Day£275
Half Day£180

Includes use of the following

  • Projector
  • Microphone
  • Lectern & Flipchart
  • Tea/Coffee Making equipment

Live Music Events,  special packages

Basic Band Package,  2 Vocal Mics,  2 Di boxes or instrument mics, 2 monitors,  digital desk, 4x LED Parcans. Room hire with duty manager.£390
Full Band Package,  4 Vocal Mics,  4 Di Boxes or Instrument Mics, Full Stage Lighting System, Drum Mic set.  Room hire with Duty Manager.£520

Please note the above do not include sound engineering time or door staff.