24 Channel Soundcraft Expression 2 Digital Desk with MiniStage Box 32R *

4 Sure SM58

3 Sure SM57

1 Sennheiser 602 Kick Drum Mic

3 Sennheiser 604 Tom Mics

2 AKG C1000S Condenser Mics

5 Di Boxes

1 AKG WMS mini handheld wireless mic

1 Sure BLX24 wireless mic with beltpack and CVL-T11 lav mic

9 Mic Stands (5 tall, 4 short)

* We do not have a traditional analogue multicore, please consider this if you wish to use your own mixing desk.

P.A. System

2 x Martin Audio F15 powered by 2x QSC RMX 850s

2 x Martin Audio S18 subs powered by QSC RMX 5050


4 x Martin Audio F12s powered by Crown XLS 602

If you are providing your own monitors (or IEMs) our stagebox can support up to 6 mix channels.


Chamsys MQ40n

3 6 channel dimmers

4 1000w Strand Harmony PC Lanterns

4 650w LDR Tempo Fresnel

4 Source 4 Junior 25-50 deg

4 Showtec Q12-4 LED RGBW pars

2 650w Selecon Acclaim Zoom spots (no shutters)

1 650w Theatro Zoom Spot 16-28 deg

2 3 bay Strand Codas

2 1000w floods

4 ParCan bars (each containing 4x Par 56 lanterns)

2 Stairville x50 moving heads (these are generally used as a floor package but can be flown on request).

Lights are pre-set to give a general cover, allowing a basic theatrical show or gig to take place with minimal setup time.   DMX on stage is available by request.

Housing Lighting

We have a GDS arc system, this can be controlled from either the tech gallery or backstage.  It can be patched into our stage lighting system and controlled by DMX if required.

Our window ledges have RGB LED tape,  this can be controlled from the lighting desk or using a controller mounted on stage.

Smoke / Effects

1 Look Unique 2.1 hazer

Use of any other smoke machine or hazers must be agreed in advance.  Oil based smoke machines are not permitted.  Smoke can’t be used unless the detectors in the auditorium have been disabled by a member of hall staff.

Use of strobes and lasers must be agreed in advance.

Optoma WU515 projector

VGA and HDMI connections are available at the front of the hall.

HDMI connection to rear of hall available on request

If your laptop uses Display Port,  Lighting or mini hdmi you will need to supply an adaptor.

Denon Blu-Ray player situated at front of hall.

3.5 x 3 metre electronically operated screen.


Just want to plug in an iPod?

Our PA system is fitted with a customer control system so you can plug in your own devices as easily as you would at home.

Optoma projector