Lansdown Hall

A multipurpose space that can host almost any event. Find out more.

lansdown hall

Lansdown Gallery

Dedicated gallery space available to hire by the week.  Find out more.

Space Hiring Criteria

Lansdown Hall and Gallery is a charity and must always adhere to its objectives. In doing so the Trustees are answerable to the Charity Commission. In this context, rooms are made available for hiring to any individual, group or organisation, with priority given to those living in Gloucestershire and to those involving  young people and children.  The following criteria apply to the hiring applications/renewals, with the understanding that not all requests will meet all criteria. Trustees reserve the right to approve or disapprove hiring requests and to make all decisions regarding the length of hire and choice of rooms to be used.

Lansdown Hall is ideally suited to events that demonstrate:

 – Broadness of appeal

 – The events to be legal and not likely to incite hate crime or riot

 – Educational potential

 – Related to community and cultural need

 – Reflecting vitality, originality, creative expression, and experimentation

 – Aspiring to artistic/practitioner excellence

 – Does not primarily promote the financial profit of any individual, organization, or commercial enterprise

 – Satisfies public safety and decency considerations

 – Hirers agree to sign a contract with the Trust and abide by the conditions therein. –