Kundalini Clubbing

kundalini clubbingNovember 17th 2018


We LOVE Yoga, and we LOVE Dance! So we hit on the idea of creating a regular event that includes both…allowing DOUBLE the amount of body/mind bliss!

Kundalini Clubbing is a bringing together of the most powerful transformational tools to energise your body, mind and spirit.  Beginning with a sacred Cacao ceremony  to open your heart and expand your consciousness, a Kundalini yoga set (with Kirsty), deeply healing gong bath, flowing into Kundalini dance (with Mark), for blissful body-mind integration. Followed by conscious club night with uplifting tunes so  you can carry on your dance.

Kundalini yoga, the most effective way to stream your energy to get your bliss channels free and open and Kundalini dance, a shamanic and ecstatic dance through the Chakras, which defies explanation, it just has to be experienced!

And, as always the Juiciful Cafe will be offering delectable and delightful food and drink treats throughout the evening.


Book here: https://www.tickx.co.uk/



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