Kundalini Clubbing – Manifesting Our Dream World



Saturday 6th July

7.00pm – 11.30pm

Yes friends, we have entered into the time that was destined to be the time that the light workers incarnated to weave together the cosmic threads into our new earth co-creation…

This is the time of the promised land….of Manifesting Our Dream World!

We begin our manifestation journey with…

The Cacao Ceremony – with pure, organic, high grade cacao as the way we call in our Spirit Guides, and align with our true purpose so that together we can set our intention to co-create our vision of unparalleled beautification across Gaia.

Kundalini Yoga with Kirsty – will give us the tools to empower us to ensure we are a pure channel for the light of being which will enable us to boldly shift the paradigm of peace and magic, that we are destined to usher in, with ease and grace. An exquisite meditation follows to align our deep mind with this paradigm shift.

Kundalini Dance with Mark – hold on to your hats, it is time to activate the pineal gland, and see through all veils of maya. Through the fully conscious embodiment of dancing free the flowing kundalini force, the chakras all align to the light of ajna. Behold we now dance-live the path of pure light streaming to activate our crown chakra, and channel our dream world into instant manifestation.

Conscious Clubbing with DJ Tigger – will be laying down the new law on the cosmic dance floor. Yes my friends, a new earth needs new music to uplight and elevate us to the high frequencies, that we need to vibrate with to start fully lucid living.

Gong Resonance with Rodger – will vibrate the new vision deep into your cells, and activate your serpentine DNA to take you, and us all, to the next level!

The famous ‘Juiciful Cafe’ – with the very talented and lovely Rachana, will be offering raw and delicious snacks and drinks, throughout our journey of awakening together. It is the perfect place to find your new tribe to vibe with.

Looking forward to embodying the new codes to activate our inner dream world together, so we can go out there and start…Manifesting Our Dream World!

In Sublime Service of the Cosmic Genie,

Mark & Kirsty, with Rodger, DJ Tigger & the KC Crew xXx



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