NHS Funding – Past, Present & Future

NHS funding


As part of Keep Gloucestershire NHS Public’s NHS 70 Stroud events, we will host an exhibition aimed at raising awareness and understanding “NHS Funding – Past, Present and Future” from Monday 25th – Saturday 30th June at the Lansdown Gallery in Stroud. The exhibition will include historic images and contributions from artists responding to our call to illustrate one of seven Aneurin Bevan quotes, and will focus on an exhbition of photographs by Marion Macalpine about “Private Finance Initiatives” (PFI) in the UK: “How Come We’re Still Paying For This?“.

Marion Macalpine’s photographs illustrate the range of PFI deals across different sectors and throughout the UK, including schools, health, roads, prisons, housing and refuse into power schemes. It provides an overview of the extent to which PFI contracts have swallowed up public funds and channelled money into corporate coffers.



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