People and Power – Defending Democracy

democracy talk


24th January

7pm entry free

The Stroud Seminar in collaboration with Molly Scott Cato presents: The ‘People and Power: Populism, Fascism and how to defend democracy’ : one of a series of talks and debates in the South West bringing together politicians, journalists and experts to discuss the breakdown of democracy and how to strengthen it within an increasingly polarised society, and how to spot the warning signs of fascism. This panel debate will comprise  Molly Scott Cato, Anna Bull (Bath University) and special guests to be confirmed.

What is the difference between fascism and populism? Rooted in today’s world, internationally and in the South West of the UK, this tour will look at the current political landscape and investigate the rise of the far-right, increased polarisation, and the rise of post-truth. It will ask what are the warning signs of fascism and what can we do to defend democracy?

The event is free but please register.


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