Sunday 24th March

10am – 5:30pm

What is Ascension? How do we optimise the journey of Evolution so that we thrive, enjoy life, whatever occurs and inspire others to make the amazing changes that will lead to a new way of being here on Earth….

These are exciting times on earth for Humanity, yet much is changing and could be viewed positively or maybe with some trepidation of the unknown elements… come and ask your questions, be guided in the best way to navigate these changes so you live a more holistic life and assist in the evolution of humanity!

Guidance, channeled from four world class channels, who will take the stage to answer your questions.

Multi Dimensional Healing for each participant, Kundalini Activations, Qi Gong Exercises, Organic Conscious Vegan Raw Cafe, Inspired Art and Ceramics.

An inspiring message from Zac…. one of the Ascended Masters/Spiritual Guides who will be channelled at Revelations…

‘There is a lot of pressure put upon people these days to do the right thing, eat the right food, make the right choices. But what is ‘right’, what does it mean? Follow the herd with what is presumed right and best or move into a way of living where it is not so much hard work? Where the right choice for you comes naturally. With ease and without sacrifice.

There is enough things to worry us and hold us back in our world, let not the path to an easier more aware and complete life be one of them. Enjoy rising to the challenge of your lifetime! Embody higher vibrational living, if you would word it such a way, as easily and simply as taking a stroll on a path – one step in front of another whilst your senses enjoy the experience of the stroll. 

There is much to share with you during our time together on this special Revelations day, the path to ease and embodying your access to greater freedom of choice, experience and mind is but one topic we shall cover. We will, as ever, cover how to do this whilst we share with you some rich truths of your inner wisdom and evolutionary compass to aid you further. 

We share in your world on these special days to aid yes, inspire most certainly, and to show you once you see past the limitation you may have believed to be that a brand new world opens up to you. You do not need to be brave, we care not for your achievements in life, we are only interested in easing your future’ 

Come join us and soak up the activations, bliss out in the sublime energy and be part of the heart led community that are called to help share these vibrations and wisdom with Humanity….


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