Stop 5G Stroud

stop 5g stroud


Sunday 16th June 7.30 to 9.30pm

What does 5G mean for our health and the planet?  A free information-sharing event with speakers hosted by Stop 5G Stroud.

The main purpose of this event is to inform ourselves about the roll-out of 5G (5th generation wireless network) and all its implications. Question and Answer session after the main presentation.  The areas of the talk and the questions we will endeavour to cover will be:

What exactly is 5G?
When is it coming to our local area?
What is the picture nationally and globally?
Why haven’t we heard much about this in the mainstream media?
What about parliamentary approval of 5G (Discussion or legislation?)
What are the health implications?
Will it affect the bird and insect populations?
Is this inevitable?
Can we protect ourselves?
Why insurance companies won’t cover for health problems created by Electromagnetic pollution and low level microwaves as well as fires which have been shown to be caused by smart meters.


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