Stroud Theatre Festival – Friday

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We have acquired EXTRA PLAYS for the Theatre Festival! The following plays will now be taking place in the Gallery – book as you would for any other Stroud Theatre Festival play.

Friday 14th 5pm – 6pm
Performance – Behind Closed Walls
Company – The Colourful Theatre Company

Friday 14th 8pm – 9pm
Performance – Nobbo
Company – Our Star Theatre



When Sherlock Holmes unknowingly murders his own client, the game is on to track down the criminal mastermind who did it – Holmes himself! Do Watson’s troubling financial straits and inability to pay his rent have anything to do with the accident? Has this case been secretly planned by a narrative genius? Could Moriarty’s hunger for detective fiction fuel a global terror plot of unimaginable proportions?

Satire maestros Tobacco Tea Theatre Company bring you this witty, absurd take on Arthur Conan Doyle’s creation. Expect extraordinary plot twists, metafiction, twisted logic and “almost unparalleled entertainment”! Sell-out show at Edinburgh and Brighton Fringes. ***** Theatre Bath. ‘Fine crime foolery.’ ****

The Accidental Adventures of Sherlock Holmes



Anton Chekhov’s play “The Bear,” also sometimes called “The Boor” or “The Brute”, is a comedy said to have been inspired by his friend Nikolai Nikolaevich Solovtsov’s boorish performance in a French Vaudeville production, not dissimilar to today’s television situation comedies.

Elena Ivanovna Popova, mourning for the death of her cheating lying husband, has sworn to never love another man, or see any man until her death, just to show her deceased husband the meaning of faithfulness and true love.
Well, that is before she meets Grigory Stepanovitch Smirnov. Still owed money by Popova’s deceased husband Smirnov wants repaying and repaying immediately. But can she do this? Should she do this?

They get into an argument about propriety, the capricious female nature and the fickle “female logic” of women. This escalates to Smirnov challenging her to a duel and, which to his surprise, she accepts.

Fast-paced with biting dialogue and exaggerated over the top emotions this hilarious comedy reflected on, and poked fun at, Russian mid nineteenth-century liberal discussions and women’s emancipation.  Has much changed in the 1950’s? We shall see.

The Small Spaces Theatre Company was formed in the autumn of 2016 following the successful summer tour of the murder mystery play “The Drop of a Pin” by Carol Sheppard. The Company intends to bring quality theatrical productions to audiences in both towns and rural countryside.

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Simon lives a lonely life in a dull and messy flat in a tiny unnoticeable part of town. However, his life is thrown into turmoil when he adopts a cat called Douglas. What Simon thought was an ordinary cat is actually a talking, manipulative and cunning creature. Forced to face his demons, will Simon be led to murder or something much worse?

Douglas’ wry take on cucumbers, Tom Jones’ ‘What’s New Pussycat’ & Soap Operas bring a wonderful balance of dark humour and uncomfortable viewing. Starring Steven Tarr of ‘Cheese & Pickle Productions’.

“Thought provoking and absorbing. Steven deftly switched from character to character. A talent to watch” – Vicky Coope.
​“Awful” – Simon, the owner.”













– Written and performed by Katy Schutte
(With help from Edmund Fargher and Jonathan Monkhouse.)

Is it wise to ask the questions you always wanted to ask? Let’s Summon Demons is a semi-immersive folk horror play in the round. It examines our attitudes to ritual, to revenge and to the uprising of female power. Can community lead to mob mentality? What are ghosts and demons and do they come from below or from within? If you stare into the abyss, can you come back? Join our coven for one night to encounter comedy, folk horror and – perhaps – some demons.


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