Unarmed Combatives



Saturday 9th – Sunday 10th March

11.00am – 5.00pm

Very special Unarmed Combatives, self-defense weekend.
Unarmed vs unarmed.  Unarmed vs stick.
Unarmed vs knife.  Unarmed vs gun threats.
Obtain rank and instructorships, or just train for knowledge.

Unarmed fighting versus unarmed, or fighting against criminals or enemy soldiers with weapons. The first 3 levels of Hock’s Force Necessary: Hand course is the Citizen’s Crash Course in Self Defence. The striking, kicking, grappling and worst case scenarios Hock sees as the most important. Plus, we will go on up to further levels, as customised, as needed by the attendees.

No experience needed. But your experience in other related systems will be appreciated, recognised and evaluated. Email Hock for a PDF of the outlines for the course. HockHochheim@ForceNecessary.com

The entire 2-day process will be observed as a grading, especially the big round-up, summary, scenario session on Sunday afternoon.
– Get your first rank?
– Get your next rank?
– Get your black belt if due?
– Get your next dan if due?
– Or, just train for knowledge!



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