Volunteering at Lansdown Hall

volunteeringVolunteering Opportunities

As a small charity we depend on volunteers who want to work behind the scenes in the venue and/or to work front of house to help the activities run smoothly.

Behind the scenes we particularly need help with promoting and advertising the venue, with fundraising activities for the charity and with practical maintenance of the building,

Promoting the venue can involve working on design and production of publicity materials, making displays around the building or distributing flyers and leaflets around the area.

Fundraising can involve developing ideas and events to generate donations or income or making applications for grants from funding bodies.

Maintenance work is often needed to keep our Grade 2 listed building looking good. Most events create wear and tear on the building, and a lot of ongoing work such as painting and decorating, carpentry and general repairs, even some extra spring cleaning keeps the place looking and feeling loved.


Volunteer opportunities working on the events involve a range of activities and mostly take place in the evenings.

Events such as music gigs, theatre shows and film screenings all need the Hall to be set up and laid out, the audience to be ushered to seats, the artists to be looked after and everything put away at the end of the show. Volunteers for these activities would work under the supervision of our Duty Manager and be deployed as needs arise. It’s a very physical role so you need to be active, enjoy being hands on and be good in social situations.  It can be a lot of fun and very satisfying working as part of the event team.  And of course, all volunteers get to see the show!


For individual Festivals, many of which use our venue, volunteers are normally recruited directly by the organisers of those events.  We can put you in touch with them should you want to volunteer for a particular festival.



Could you become a trustee for Lansdown Hall and Gallery? As a charity, we need trustees to hold responsibility and to make decisions about the running of the venue. This is part time volunteer work, but with significant legal responsibility. The broad details of the role of a trustee can be found on the Charity Commission website – https://www.gov.uk/topic/running-charity/trustee-role-board

If you think this is a role you could take on, please contact us. We are particularly looking for people who can demonstrate enthusiasm for a community project and maybe bring some experience in marketing or design to help with the promotion of the venue.


Whatever your interest, if you want to try volunteering in a community venue then we would love to hear from you.  Contact  info@lansdownhall.org or telephone 01453 767576